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Static or Dynamic Wonderland?


Is Your Wonderland Static or Dynamic?  

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  1. 1. Is Your Wonderland Static or Dynamic?

    • Static and detailed
    • Dynamic and everchanging
    • It depends, it's kinda both
    • I have no wonderland

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I am part of a median system, not a tulpa system.  But I still have a "wonderland" of a sort that I call the "dreamscape" or "the Melian Show."  It's a day dreamy place, very dreamlike, and it is constantly changing. It's like a movie set. There are a few more static areas that don't change, like my dreamscape mansion, but the rest shifts and changes like the scenes in a movie or tv show. 


I have read accounts from tulpamancers who have created extremely detailed wonderlands for their tulpas that are very precise.  They tend to not change a lot and are sometimes limited in scope, but have a lot of clarity.  


I was wondering about the wonderlands each of you have?  Is your wonderland dynamic, as in ever changing, or more static and detailed and possibly limited in scope?  I thought a poll would be nice on this one.

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We add stuff and explore areas but somehow it's perfectly static and recallable/revisitable when we do anything. We're one of the lucky ones with a fantastic wonderland that is very fulfilling and satisfying apparently. Lucid dreams, and hypnagogically explored areas also stick if we choose to go back and explore it again later.

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I answered "it's kind of both" because even if my place seems to be static, with defined borders, and areas that can be visited again and may look the same, I consider this place to be alive and everchanging. My mindscape is called Testimonia, and is a rain forest. I was the one who summoned her into existence.


She doesn't change drastically, but the weather, animals and plants, smells and ambient sounds are never the same depending on the time of year and the time of day. Sometimes as well a few items may appear or disappear (maybe it's a reaction to my presence and she's trying to interact with me this way, I don't know). And at night the place becomes weird and quite wild, it's easy to get lost ; I think it might be because Testimonia is kind of asleep and dreaming.

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Put shortly, our wonderland is a mess. It's several unrelated segments of areas forced into one "wonderland". Technically, there's two "parts" to our wonderland, but in reality it's more like two "categories" we decide to put a piece of wonderland under.

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It's kind of both... I am not sure the parameters capture the nuance of that... so like the house, houses, they're static. they don't move. there is big picture stuff and small picture stuff, and so change in perspective is not always perfect... I tend to relate to the world as if everything is a room. Inside the house is a room. Outside is a room. Outside daytime noon is a separate room from outdoor midnight, and all the myriad day night... I am not sure if day time room with rain is rain imposed on particular room or is it's own room... but it's easier to think of it as its own room.


Many of the trees are static, they don't move or change shape, but they loose their leaves... but I won't commit to every tree in the forest not changing, or always there, unless I observe something specific, a detail or an oddity, and then it is more likely to be static... And maybe there are details in the tree that change, but I just remember them as static... if I put something on the table, it will be there when I come back... most the time. unless someone moved it. that's happened. The library tends to be static, mostly, when I look at it it's not jumping or scrolling like matrix letters... but sometimes I can't find something, or it's not where I think it should be, which isn't necessarily a static thing. waves crash on the beach... not static. doesn't seem to be an infinite loop of the same thing. fire is not static... it almost seems alive sometimes...


so, kind of depends...

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Static, yes. Detailed.. questionable. My wonderland is always the same and is fairly finite and small, IMO. Though it's nothing like those wonderlands that consist of a house and nothing outside it.. We've got our house, a bamboo forest (undetailed save for an open space and a stump some way in), a bridge from our house that goes under a waterfall and over a... too dark brown to be a canyon maybe but a small yet deep canyon, leads to Lucilyn's swamp/forest with lots of water and ponds and streams throughout and her little shrine, then a huge lake at that end of our wonderland with Touhou's Scarlet Devil Mansion on the other side - purely for show. Other side of our house (forward bamboo, right bridge/forest, back the wall of a cliff, so left-) is just a grassy/flowery field that ends in non-detailedness. Our house goes up a good 40 feet or so to the top of the cliff (where the waterfall comes from) and there's an "onsen" up there we use fairly often, if we wonderland at all.


... But our visualization is poor and interest in wonderland interactions is sort of low, so the details I just gave you are almost all there are to give, save the inside of our house of course. The bamboo forest and flower field are barely more detailed than those words describe. Lucilyn's forest, a bit moreso. Everything around the onsen up top is barren and undetailed, though, just flat land I suppose, never even though about where the waterfall's coming from. But anyways... I chose "Static and detailed", I guess.

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What we specifically consider our mindscape is a version of Vesper's native London where it's always night and there are no people other than us. But over 99% of our time there, we're in her house, all of which is fairly detailed. At least 95% of the time, we're just in Vesper's living room. We know her street well, even though we rarely go out, since we copied it straight from Google Maps. But we haven't memorized the neighborhood beyond. So, our mindscape is static and detailed on account of neglect and lack of utility and interest.


On the other hand, Vesper and Iris' home worlds, in their games, have a great deal going on and many points of interest. But we may not be entirely sure of how places we've been to many times are laid out. We only go there with out-system people, but they're close enough experientially to mindscapes to count. So, I went with Option 3.



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My wonderland is mostly static, but I sometimes add locations and features. There was a house in a forest next to a beach to start with, and I've added a cafe, a dock, an extra island, and a greenhouse so far. I change the weather and time of day on a whim. I also have a doorway that we use to get to any new temporary location that doesn't fit into the static setting (like skiing lodge, cruise ship, hang gliding). So I'd say "it's kinda both." Most of the time we stay within the basic setting.

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