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Need some opinions about my "doppelganger".

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Hello All, 


This is my first post. I read through the intro information and found it helpful. Thanks to whoever put all that together. 


A few years ago, several people claimed that they saw in more than one place. This was during a time when I was going through a difficult marriage that unsurprisingly ended in divorce. Although I wasn't happy about the outcome, I knew it was the right thing to do because we fought like cats and dogs. But my x wife would sometimes say something like, "omg, what are you doing on the couch? I just saw you walk into the garage!" Or another one was, "I thought you were standing behind me." She said that a few times and we simply ignored the incidents. 


After our divorce (it was amicable), I decided to sell our house. There was on instance when I made an appointment for a realtor and his customer to tour the house and I'd meet them with the keys. We agreed on a time. Later, I drove up to see the realtor and his client and they looked surprised to see me step out my car. The realtor asked, "is there someone in the house that looks like you? You were looking out the window!" And with that, they decided not to buy the house because they claimed it was haunted. The house isn't haunted. In the end, I ended up selling the house to my girlfriend at the time and now wife. I still live in the house that I was going to sell. 


After I married again, my wife would see me in more than one place. So much that we started documenting all the times she saw me. I didn't know what was going on so I researched it and read about Doppelgangers. So, I suppose that I had one of those... Really? I further investigated and asked some folks in academia because I don't believe in ghosts, don't believe in angels, demons, or any other machinations of the mind. I actually thought that maybe others were seeing me literally, in another time. Like I was in some sort of time loop. 


All this stopped after my son was born 12 years ago and nobody has ever seen my double again.


But then I discovered literature and videos about Tulpas. I learned that some people can have accidental Tulpas. I wondered if all those years ago, somehow I had done that.


Any thoughts?


Thank you.

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The idea of other people seeing your tulpa isn't something most of us believe in in this community. A few metaphysically-minded people do, and if you wanted to sway the responses you got to agreeing it was supernatural, this would go in the Metaphysics board. But otherwise, this is pretty much the first time I've heard someone have this experience pre-tulpamancy. A few people have claimed others could see their tulpas, but in those cases it's always when their tulpa is specifically present and their host is focusing on them. Otherwise, some psychic may say "It seems there's someone with you", but I don't think I've heard random (non-meta-oriented) people claim to see doppelgangers. 


Anyways, I couldn't say why it used to happen. My best guess is placebo and it was maybe talked about, or maybe some curtains or lights from cars through windows "looked like you" or something - I have way too little information to know. Or maybe supernatural stuff exists, I dunno. It's quite literally the most unlikely option given everything we know about reality, but it's always experiences like yours that make people doubt that we do know reality.



The original "Tulpas", ie sprulpas, were originally documented in Tibetan Buddhism as being "emanation bodies", which would be visible to others. But there were absolutely no "accidental sprulpas" seeing as it was a very specific practice by some monks. And again, not really many of us here believe in that sort of thing.

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All I can think is either a lot of the people around you expect you to be somewhere you're not (the people interested in the house were quick to jump to your house is haunted and your ex-wife/wife would probably assume you are around in the house with them), some kind of illusion like Lumi suggested, or there was another person in your house, but people first assumed it was you rather than a burglar or someone else.


I agree with Lumi that it's probably unrelated to tulpas. However, it could be related to imposition. People expect to see you and see you but in reality they are looking at something with dim lighting or another person with some of your basic features. Their mind's expectations fill in the ambiguous visual information and this overrides what they really see, causing them to hallucinate you in places you're not.

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that's super spooky. the only rational explanation that I can think of is that maybe people thought that you were somewhere where you weren't or mistook someone else for you a few times in close succession just by coincidence, and then after that you started noticing those sorts of confusions a lot more because of confirmation bias, though I don't know enough about the situation to say how confident I am with that hypothesis. regardless, this probably has nothing to do with tulpas.

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