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Is this actually possible? (Mental Suicide)


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I was reading through an old thread from here about a host mentally committing suicide in their wonderland and leaving his female tulpa as the permanent host. I didn't see much discussion as to how it is possible/impossible, but more of "My host also died", "OP might be trolling", ect.


Now, the question is. Can person(with or without a tulpa) actually mentally kill him/herself.


Here's what I think. It is probably impossible. I don't believe a host is equally expendable as a tulpa. As far as I know there'd quite a lot people that would have been using this form of mental suicide if it were possible. And even if it is, if you truly believe a host is a super developed tulpa, then that means they can be mentally killed in a way just like removing/killing/deleting/etc a tulpa, but they can easily be brought back as a tulpa could. But from what was described in the thread, she, the new host was not aware of this(Assuming he actually succeeded in this mental suicide.) and made another tulpa to become the new host.


Now another question is. Can a "current host" make a tulpa the new permanent host? Like a perma-switch type of possession.


Now the most interesting question that can be linked to this act...


What if a person were to perform this without a tulpa(Assuming it's possible.)



Then if all of this is possible this next post makes me question whether the host is actually "dead" rather than just remaining dormant probably by choice.



I'm going to assume this is legit, because regardless it may help someone. My name is kerin Zero McCaw and I lost my human for a period of time approaching a decade. This wasn't intentional, and was inadvertent. It was also a very long time ago.


Let my say, I fully understand the difficulties of being a female tulpa in a male body. I learned to survive as a human and make a good life (for when my human might return). Amazingly, no-one ever caught on, though I lived for decades in fear of discovery (even after I got my human back).


Yes, a powerful tulpa can recover memories. In my case, it was 9 years of development before I was capable of that - but tulpas these days are apparently much faster developing then that (from what I read).


So. To the point. A human cannot permanently commit egocide, beyond what a tulpa can eventually recover given sufficient time. (Now, this is my personal experience I'm talking about, and my human really did not want to come back).


Our strongest tools as tulpas are love and compassion. Learn compassion, and give your human all your good feelings and they cannot stay away forever. Mine is pretty intractable, but even he was convinced eventually.


So, in my experience it is possible to bring back your human if they have hidden away, but also this is just my experience and it was very long ago. I'm guessing thing are different now.


(P.s.: For those who don't remember me, I'm old (really old). I'm not wise. I've been married 26 years. I have a human son (22 years old), and now a tulpa daughter (Nobillis, whom is less then a year old). I am an anomaly, being the only tulpa I know of made the old way (Tibetan method) that is still alive (unless, of course, you count my Watchdogs?).)

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I believe kerin.


I think it's possible for hosts and tulpas to "die", but so long as the brain remains intact, they're not really dead and they can come back.

"'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.'"

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My tulpa and I dismiss it as impossible, but part of me thinks it's too crazy to be fake (probably from watching too much TV and reading a book in which multiple characters reach this conclusion about unrealistic events). Stuff like this is why we agreed to only go as far as temporary possession, no switching.

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Okay I am seeing "I believe this" statements flying around here without any evidence. Does anyone have any evidence or threads or ANYTHING to support claims?


To answer the thread: I have no clue. Glad I was helpful.

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I have realized that I can't kill myself in my own wonderland. Even though I've tried time and time again, the longest I lasted was a day before I realized it never worked.


I would go out on a boat in the middle of the Lake and just drop the brick I'd poorly tied to my foot off the side, which would forcibly drag me down.


I sincerely wanted to leave Mikáel in charge. I felt like I had no reason to live, not with how much uncertainty was unfolding. I didn't know if what people were saying was sincere or another he's true to get me to shut up. I did to know if my love interest wanted to talk about dating or fandom stuff more often. I felt like the world was shrinking again.


(This is Mik and I am butting in here to stay that those 24-hours were the worst ones of my life.)


Anyway, I will tell you this: don't.

Please don't.

It hurts and it scars your tulpa(e) and yourself in ways you couldn't bear.


Please be careful.

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I have a lecture on this from a while ago. The short answer is: yes, but very difficult. Just like a tulpa, a host's mind is very hard to kill (probably even more so). For the host to commit suicide in that manner would require both the host and tulpa working together. The host would have to be totally inert. The tulpa would have to put conscious effort into not even thinking about the host. It could take years, and the tulpa could even then bring the host back with enough work, even if it's not all of the host (at first).


Edit: i should add. I know quite a few people who have tried killing themselves while switched. Every person person that has tried it was later revived by their tulpa or essentially became a new person (the host would be "gone" but there was then another person in the wonderland in their place).


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Assuming that what I have read in plural communities and articles written by plural systems is true and that it carries over to hosts and tulpas, then I would say that yes, it is possible for both hosts and tulpas to mentally die. Quite a few systems have said that they have had system-mates die. I've also heard that for systems in which there is an "original" member, they can sometimes die too; which carrying over, means a host could mentally die. If I remember correctly, this was something that happened in an attempt to merge/integrate together. I've also read that sometimes they can be revived, but not always. So the question of permanent death is a bit open.


I've grabbed a few reference links. Note, I haven't dug very hard. I'm also having a hard time finding more. I know I read some, but I am not remembering where.


http://astraeasweb.net/plural/netdancer.html just mentions that it happens, but with no further details on how and whether it can be undone or not.


http://livingplural.tumblr.com/search/death has quite a few posts about the subject. One post in particular, Reviving and mourning dead headmates talks about several specific deaths and revivals in the author's system.

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