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What color are your tulpa's eyes?

Guest Anonymous

What color are your tulpas eyes?   

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  1. 1. What color are your tulpas eyes?

    • dark blue
    • light blue
    • dark green
    • light green
    • brown
    • yellow or gold
    • red (or glowing red)
    • gray
    • silver
    • totally black
    • other (please comment)
    • my tulpa has no eyes

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My Tulpa eyes are just 2 white circles, but if he were to have actual human looking eyes it would probably be light blue.

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Guest Anonymous

Len doesnt have any eyes. Or a face, with exception of his mouth.


Trippy cool, far out and groovy!

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if i was to go into detail picture a two blue eyes made of detailed stained glass windows with a blue fire down a hall a ways back that can can grow to an inferno id say able surpass the windows. but this before any real deviation but i think she likes them

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[Maya: My irises are bright blue, and glow to an extent that varies depending on my mood, so we picked light blue. It's not quite right, but... Mara doesn't have completely black eyes, so we didn't pick that. The sclera of her eye is white, as you might expect, and her iris and pupil are black. So she has black eyes, but not completely black.]

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Maya - Tulpa


Mara - Tulpa

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I swear, her eye color is the only part of her form that ever remains consistent.

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Tulpa Name: Ellie

Created: 11/13/13

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male meowstic eyes have a sky blue outer layer and green pupils, i think red looks real mysterious, appealing and cute with those eyes of his.









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Guest Anonymous

They're completely black with dark, misty tentacles coming out of her eye sockets.


And when she's not trying to scare me in the dark, they're just purple.

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