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Tulpa imposition guide

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You're welcome!


Talking with other people about this, I found that many people aren't familiar with the daydream state. I'm interested to know how many people here experience this. If you have, maybe you can help by providing your own description, and methods you might use to achieve it.

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It's not really the state you talk about, but if I'm fairly tired and just stare at a spot my vision begins to fade. However this is a physiological thing with the eye -- hold it still too long and the retinal cells start to tire from seeing the same thing. It's like an afterimage, but staring longer. Everything begins to fade toward gray. As this begins it becomes harder and harder not to move the eye. Does make it slightly easier to imagine stuff there though, especially when combined with general spacing out.

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I believe i can enter daydream mode fairly easily, and it has always been so as far as i know it. I can superimpose my mind's eye on my physical eyes pretty much whenever i want it, and am also prone to unintentionally lose grip on reality while thinking about stuff. Reading books, as you suggested, probably helps quite a bit - i've spent a lot of time reading stuff in my childhood at least. Also to note that i have hearing problems, which might have "helped" too: basically i have permanent tinnitus in both ears since as far as i can remember, and my hearing is pretty shit in general. So well, i dunno - maybe (partially?) plug your ears for extended periods of time or something? It might sound a little extreme to some peharps, but you never know. My theory is that sound helps quite a bit keeping you grounded on reality, so take that as you will.


That said, i'm still a long way from the imposition stage, but i'll probably check this guide when the time comes since it seems to be pretty well-written and stuff, so cheers.

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Well hey, this sounds like what I was talking about in IRC a long while back, about how I tranced while near hypnagogia and saw and heard my tulpae. Neat, glad to see a guide out for it.

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Chupi pretty much summarizes it; look at a spot for a long time, then just keep your head fucking still and imagine your tupper.


I actually started doing this about three months ago as an experiment, thinking the same thing with "If everything gets gray and dull, it's pretty much like having eyes closed, yet open, and thus I can impose her this way." That's why I write about it in my guide, too.

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You're welcome!


Talking with other people about this, I found that many people aren't familiar with the daydream state. I'm interested to know how many people here experience this. If you have, maybe you can help by providing your own description, and methods you might use to achieve it.

I do experience this quite a bit , especially in school but lately i haven't been getting it. I've never really payed attention to it so i don't really know , it's pretty much exactly as you described it. Thing is though , i can't really control it. if i try to change what i'm thinking at that point i snap out of it. Also , i don't think i've ever been able to consciously get into that state.

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