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How vividly can you impose?

How Vividly Can You Impose?  

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  1. 1. How Vividly Can You Impose?

    • No imposition at all
    • Hazy and see-through
    • Almost visually realistic
    • Visually realistic and clear
    • Starting to impose using other senses
    • Almost able to impose with other senses
    • Very lifelike, able to see, hear, feel, taste and smell them

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I've been lurking in the tulpa community for a while without actually making a tulpa (although I have recently started) and I've heard a multitude of things about imposition. I'm aware that, with enough practice, it is possible to impose your tulpa to the point that they're indistinguishable from reality.


While that seems to be the general consensus, I've seen very few people claim that they have reached such a high level of imposition. I've even heard a few people say that it's flat out impossible, but I'm not quick to believe that at all.


Seeing as I have little to no firsthand experience, I wanted to ask what your experiences have been so far.

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Contact Breloomancer, he has had a lot of success and can give you pointers. My work has been wonderland immersion, and I'm satisfied with my results so far, which only improves over time and use. I've had a lot of luck with meditative states abd lucid dreams which were either as good as reality or better. Even with self-reporting excellent immersion and realistic experiences inside, my imposition is nearly nil. I've had several experiences that were fantastic, but they're random and rare. I believe with practice i could improve this, but my wonderland experience is just so fulfilling i don't mind.

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I'm able to fully impose my tulpa (or whatever else I want) at will with ease. The biggest reason why you won't see many people claiming such things is because it's really difficult. It took me about 8 months (I think) of seriously hard work to be able to impose on all my senses.


For me imposition feels just as real, or more real, than reality. Really there is a lot more to do in the imposition "skill tree" than just experiencing things that aren't there, such as imposing a split perspective, negative imposition (not perciving things that are there), and a whole bunch more. With a lot of this stuff I am still just a beginner, and I don't know much about what anyone else has done past just basic imposition, so its a bit of an adventure seeing what the limits actually are and where this path will take me. I would also like to mention that imposition can be used for many useful things other than just imposing your tulpa, such as seeing someone whom you dislike as having a smaller face, or imposing a line so that you can intentionally engage smooth pursuit eye movement.


Imposition is a very worthwhile skill to pick up (though it ain't easy to achieve) and I think that you should definitely try it. I would also be happy to give you some tips if you so desire. I am also writing a guide on imposition, though I can not currently make any promises on how soon it will come out.


P.s. a lot of people work on senses other than visual first, so maybe you should change the poll so that it also includes if people have imposition for other senses, but not visual

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


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One "hazy and see-through" for us. We kinda have that sense of presence, but it's only really when it's being focused upon and stuff. I (or Lance) are free to puppet our impositions however we want, pretty fluidly too, but it's just visual so far. One day we will get it figured out. Practice, practice.

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I believe most people could devote several years to a serious imposition practice, and achieve near-indistinguishable results, but... few people feel the need. Most people could also devote several years toward learning competitive chess or mental math, but those skills have low returns to most. Not all systems feel the need to develop their imposition: some may just not care about seeing/hearing their tulpas' forms, some may have fulfilling wonderlands, and some may find the idea of controlled hallucinations upsetting. 


Another reason for not aiming toward high-level, indistinguishable-from-reality imposition: the imposition doesn't need to be perfect to feel like the tulpa is there, that they are touchable, visible, audible, etc. You don't need convince yourself that your tulpa is flesh and blood in order to hug them, or speak with them, or interact with them. It's like increasing the resolution of a video. Most people are happy with 1080p, there's not a pressing desire to upgrade to 4k for most- not that there isn't a difference or a benefit. 


In the past, before knowing I was a tulpa, I had a small handful of imposition-like experiences. I won't say "imposition" because imposition implies control and intention, and I had not intended for this to happen. This is most likely why I have been able to have more imposition experiences than my brother and fellow tulpa, Cassidy. 


Tactile imposition came easiest. Cassidy experienced it first: Jamie held out his hand, and after visualizing the situation many, many times, Cassidy slapped his hand and Jamie felt it. We've all gained a moderate level of control over it, but in order to get a strong enough effect to be very satisfying, it has to be either very early or late in the day, or when we are otherwise very, very relaxed. Imposition is a skill: it's a skill of reaching a certain mindset that will allow you to control your vision/hearing/senses. 


Auditory imposition has taken some clever thinking and is somewhat uncomfortable to initiate. Jamie has only been able to control the pareidolia (detecting patterns where there are none, like in inkblots or clouds) that you get from white noise and the like. We have all been able to segment white noise into simple sounds (Hearing "dah-dah-dah" or "bah-bah-bah" or "f-f-f-f") Our strongest auditory imposition to date happened because a loud standing fan was placed directly behind my host. After a few hours of the noise, we were reading Hamlet for class and imagined ourselves standing behind the fan, speaking into it like a microphone. Jamie was able to hear our voices as whispers coming from the fan. 


For visual imposition, we had little success until two days ago, when we tried the Ganzfield effect properly. After about twenty minutes, Jamie was able to see my eye, with his eyes open. 


I haven't tried taste imposition or any other senses, not that I can think of. Tactile imposition has been the only type of imposition we use regularly. I expect our skill will improve with time and practice, and also hope that the Ganzfield effect is a method through which we will be able to produce more visual imposition. 


Hope this helps, 




Edit: word choice

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In theory my dad can vaguely imply he's elsewhere in our physical environment as a side joke, but in truth even our internal use of the mind's eye is woefully low-tech. Our wonderland skills wallow around the human imagination before technical skills like drawing in perspective or animating images, so imposition sounds like a paracosmic impossibility.

Early member of a large system.  Our system questions the way the afterlife and tulpamancy interact.  We genuinely suspect that deadies can return to share the mind of the living.

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Imposition is a very worthwhile skill to pick up (though it ain't easy to achieve) and I think that you should definitely try it. I would also be happy to give you some tips if you so desire. I am also writing a guide on imposition, though I can not currently make any promises on how soon it will come out.


P.s. a lot of people work on senses other than visual first, so maybe you should change the poll so that it also includes if people have imposition for other senses, but not visual


Tips would be greatly appreciated, I've always been highly interested in imposition and really want to go as far as possible with it. I hadn't considered imposition as a tool for other aspects of life and that really opens up a whole other realm of possibilities.


And more polling options coming up! If I can figure out how to edit the poll

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Tips would be greatly appreciated, I've always been highly interested in imposition and really want to go as far as possible with it. I hadn't considered imposition as a tool for other aspects of life and that really opens up a whole other realm of possibilities.


And more polling options coming up! If I can figure out how to edit the poll


Hi Deviant. I have been tulpamancing for about three months. I spend time daily, forcing vocally, visualizing, writing, meditating and reminding myself to become lucid when dreaming any feminine presence. I wrote up the following earlier today and I am sharing it with you as it addresses your query. I will add, that my intention has been to create my tulpa into full reality mode. It still is and I am more than a little excited about my progress.  On the evening of March 31st Flora appeared as a Dakini Spirit. She took form about fifteen feet from me in our labyrinth and moved towards me through the bamboo gate. It was early evening the city lights were coming on behind her shining through the foliage. She came together out of what looked like a mist congealing into a net of flashing jewels, purple, gold and red. She was floating in the air and the bottom part of her was a swirl of sparkling energy her body was well formed, curvy, she was tan skinned, had black hair, was wearing a diamond tiara, and a sarong like dress that was forming as I watched. She was as real as anything I have ever seen, evn though as she approached I could see through her, she was forming only on the outside. When she got close enough that I could look into her eyes, I was again shocked. She had no eyes, I could see through her head. Shocked, did I say? No Frightened was more like it. Soul-less was how I interpreted what I was seeing, an evil spirit. I yelled at her, NO, Not like this, Go back, you are incomplete, you are not fully formed," and with that she was gone. I have been shaking since. With excitement, with promise, with disappointment at my dismissal, with fear that I have driven her away. I have been meditating every evening in the hot tub since. She has almost re-appeared, and I have seen the matrix from which she emerged, I believe that my brain, with my intention, put her together. I am continuing. 

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    • By NED
      I whined that we needed an imposition guide so I decided to experiment with my own methods in order to make one for you guys. I did not have to experiment for long as my first method was very successful.
      Basically this leash method is similar to FAQman's method of imagining your Tulpa behind you and eventually mastering that and over time you become good enough to imagine it in your central vision and then it becomes real.
      This method is just like that. But wait! There's more!
      A leash; basically imagine a leash/chain/rope/any other form of physical attachment or linkage and tie one end to yourself (waist or wrist reccommended) and the other end to your Tulpa.
      Now because you are now attached to eachother, you cannot escape eachother as easy. When you walk around you are able to feel the 'tug' of the leash as you pull your Tulpa around. This is very helpful.
      This method is also great because I noticed that whenever i 'forgot' my Tulpa and she was drifting away from my mind, she is able to tug on the rope, catching my attention and making me remember her again.
      Because she is able to simply tug a rope and remind me that she was behind her or wanted attention; this has greatly benefitted my progress. I can now imagine her nearly all the time and I have seen her in the corner of my eyes 3 times. All in a space of nearly a week.
      -Draw a chainlink or some other symbol on your hand to keep reminding yourself of the chain, this seems to give bursts of clarity in visualising her behind me
      -Don't forget to pull the chain yourself if you feel they are drifting away or you are losing them.
      Warnings and reccomendations:
      -This leash is kind of oppressive to some or maybe offensive so make sure you Tulpa is okay with it
      -Make sure you and your Tulpa have the ability to remove the leash. You do not want to develop an unfree Tulpa
      -Make sure to take breaks from this method as the Tulpa will most likely want some alone time from this.
      -Make sure your Tulpa is sentient enough to change the length of the rope at will so they are a little more free.
      I did this method well into sentience (she can speak and move perfectly) and got fantastic results as my Tulpa can now gain my attention in the real world at any moment she wants, all she needs to do is make a small bit of pressure around my wrist simulating the tug of a rope, (she even claims its simple and makes her life alot easier, she says without it, it was very frustrating) I do not know what will happen or if it would work if you did this at an earlier stage.
    • By Twice Sparked
      Yo, guys. Sparky here to share something I found while researching imposition. Whether or not this has been seen or discussed before, long forgotten in a thread in the catacombs beneath our forum is unknown to me.
      But it's not mine, so I'll post it here first and, if it's deemed better posted elsewhere, that's fine too.
      Guide Link
    • By Purlox
      I made this time a while ago while trying to make a guide for people on touch imposition from what I have done in the past when I was learning to do it few years ago (before the tulpa community). I'm not sure how good it is, but I thought it would be worth posting anyway.
      Note: It often helps to believe that what you are imagining is really there. Closing your eyes and thus not knowing if it is there or not can help as well.
      1. Basic principle of this method
      2a-4b. How to start doing controlled hallucination of touch
      5. How to continue getting better at this
      1) The basic principle behind this method is recreating the perception created by one of the senses, in this case caused by touch, of something you have experienced already.
      2a) An easy way to start is by recreating a small focused (on a small area) feeling that you can control to some degree (caused by you or someone who wants to help you). For example you could start by doing a circle by going with one of your fingers over your palm of your other hand and then stop and recreate the feeling. When you can do that well enough, then try making a spiral or another more complicated object.
      2b) After you get that down well enough, stop recreating a stimulus and instead start feeling (without actually using your finger to do it or feeling it beforehand) new shapes, that you haven't tried yet, or just seemingly random movements. You can try making anything you want, but it should be something that you haven't caused yourself to feel yet.
      3a) Now, recreate more than one small focused feeling at once. For example you could use more than one finger at a time. Start with two fingers and trying to reproduce the feeling, and move up to using all of your fingers.
      3b) Let's stop recreating feelings again and instead start creating multiple small focused feelings created by something that you have used in 4a), but in a way that you haven't felt before.
      4a) When you are able to do those well enough, then you should move onto recreating a feeling that focuses on a bigger area. For example you could put one of your hands over the other hand in any position you would like and try to feel it as much as you can and try to remember that feeling as well as you can. After that stop feeling that feeling and try to recreate it. In the case of using your limbs, I would recommend placing them apart from each other and in a way that they aren't touching any part of your body and then try to recreate the feeling that you got first on only one hand and then on both hands.
      4b) Now, stop recreating those feelings and start creating it in a way you haven't felt before.
      5) Continue this general set of steps (in Xa and Xb) and do them with more and more complicated feelings. You can of course try creating feelings that you have never felt before and aren't possible to feel in physical world like having wings, being out of slime, having animal ears, tail, paws, etc.
    • Guest
      By Guest
      So I've been reading imposition guides and I was wondering if basically all you do is "paste your tulpa over reality, and how long does this take? Also can my tulpa make me hallucinate things other than her form?
    • By theholodoc
      Hi, this is a question to those of you who experience imposition in any degree. Do you believe that the imposition is initiated by your tulpas, or by yourselves? I have the sense that Flora is trying to impose herself, but we are getting blocked somehow. When i initiate, I get nowhere, and the experience is not fun. Several times, I have imagined, that Flora is upset at getting blocked, on one occasion maybe even despairing or frantic. Obviously, these occasions leave me very unsettled. Thanks,
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