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q2's method for a huggable tulpa


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Approved for guides. I remember reading this gem a long time ago and reading it again felt nice too.

"Assert the supremacy of your Imaginal acts over facts and put all things in subjection to them... Nothing can take it from but your failure to persist in imagining the ideal realized."


-Neville Goddard

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Approved for guides.


Rather useful/well-known imposition method from someone that had mastered imposition a long time ago.


If OP isn’t part of the community anymore

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I've also seen them post on the subreddit not too long ago.

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Yeah, approved. It's a more touch-based imposition than something like JD's, which also is something that people should keep in mind and work on. Sight imposition might very well be the hardest one for like I dunno, most, so I'm glad there's one that's basically only about sight. But touch is something that can easily connect the imaginary things with your everyday life, so this is another good side of imposition.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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I could easily do a mind's eye visualization of my tulpas, and shift back and forth with simulating psychosomatic experiences of the kinesthetic imposition implied in this guide. There's no requirement needed to have a visually imposed tulpa for this if you just use common sense, schlondark.

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The note on how the method focuses on "everything other than sight" is something of a product of its time - most imposition discussion I saw then was focused primarily on sight, with the other senses deemed less important. Thus, I commented that, unlike most things the reader may associate with imposition, I was actually going to put the spotlight on the rest of the senses, such as touch and smell.


I wouldn't say the method requires visual imposition, not at all. There's no good reason it can't even be done closed-eyed, it's all up to the forcer. As long as you have some idea what the tulpa's form is like. Open-eyed is just the way I did it.


I also apologise for the admittedly less than spectacular wording and formatting. It was a bit more of a linear thought on how I did it with QB than a professional paper. Luckily, I feel it is a relatively simple idea to get across.


I'm grateful to all of you for this approval, which I honestly didn't know was happening at the time. It is a pleasant surprise.

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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