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q2's method for a huggable tulpa


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Thank you so much for this guide! Using this method, we got a huge breakthrough!

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- Michelangelo

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Poked aigis

He slapped my head

I punched him in the guts

He jumped and mounted me and start punching me

Kicked him off

He shot me in the legs


All done with open eyes visualization


Way to go for a huggable tulpa

Aigis: "What? You got a problem with that?"

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Really neat to see advancements in imposition techniques! I really enjoy this guide, QB. It has a high potential to be useful to many, many people.

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Wow, after trying this with my tulpa, all I can say is that we've never before felt so close and "connected", Sue felt so real and, "there". Actually it was even a little emotional, like, she was really "there", and she felt like I could finally sense her that way, and... I don't know... Things like that.


Your guide was quite helpful, thanks Q2!


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I'm just wondering, when do I start this? I'm new to Tulpa, and I've just finished "Mike's" form and appearance. Not any longer than that, is it good for me to start with this?

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I would wait until after visual imposition. But that's just me -- not everybody does.

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Guest Anonymous

I'm just wondering, when do I start this? I'm new to Tulpa, and I've just finished "Mike's" form and appearance. Not any longer than that, is it good for me to start with this?

It's really up to you.

Most people will tell you to wait a while before doing that though, since it is one of, if not the, hardest parts.

But you can also just do it from the start, there are a few people who did that, it will just be tulpamancy in "hard mode".


By the way if after a few months you don't get results you might try to impose your tulpa into sentience, that's what I'm doing, since other stuff failed till now, haha.

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At a glance, it’s a method for imposition. And if I’m reading this correctly, the method is essentially practicing how to have psychosomatic experiences in relation to having some kinesthetic interaction with the tulpa. By psychosomatic for anyone that doesn’t know what that means, it’s basically how the body will mostly conform to what the mind believes.


The method is pretty simple, and I don’t really see any major grammar or spelling mistakes that would make readers have a difficult time reading this (unless they have seriously short attention spans). There’s not really a lot of parts to give a critique on, but here goes:


Technically a method of imposition' date=' but with much more focus on basically everything other than sight.[/quote']


I was going to have that same implication that it would mostly be a kinesthetic thing, but with the first query in the thread that asked if this was an open-eyed visualization, it seemed that the quote above me is a bit contradicting.


I can understand that sight isn’t as imperative as the other senses, but it still seems to be part of what the method revolves around with. Since after all, the visualization is going to be what would “confirm” to the host of getting used to perception and associating those visualizations with touch and such.


Other than that, the format is pretty easy to read, though I’m not sure how it is for others. I guess people will just have to actually learn how to sit down and read rather than skimming through this.


Not sure if the OP still is part of the community, though I did see them on IRC the other time recently though. Other than the quote I commented on, it’s not even something to be detrimental to the reader’s attempt for this method of imposition. It just shows that taking the sensory input and application one sense at time (while still passively applying other senses) with practice will allow the mind to create the sensation of touch.


  • If OP isn’t part of the community anymore, this guide gets my approval since it's just asking for a minor change when they could be nonexistent.


  • If OP is informed by other users and fixes the part that I quoted them on and can change it to prevent confusion for anyone reading that part, it's an approval in standby until the minor change has been made.

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