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Hey Bear!


On 4/4/2022 at 12:05 AM, Bear said:

sign in mindspace that said something like "no switching without permission". They saw this clearly because my headmates spent most of their time on a couch kind of looking through my eyes and listening to what I hear.

This is helpful insight! We have a similar model, except for instead of a couch it is a chair, and the screen to look through my eyes serves the dual function of being my mind's eye to look inwards with. We've since had to develop a seperate area "inside the eye" for Shade to preform her workings while we're practicing - mayhaps having a constant visualisation of a "no switching" poster here would indeed help! It is entirely unintentional of course (switching is very hard for us otherwise), but it could certainly do the trick. Though our inner object permanance is an etch-a-sketch comparative to your mind-vault, hopefully we can attain a similar level of skill with it eventually.


On 4/4/2022 at 12:05 AM, Bear said:

Ashley would "handle them" and using that method it had to be instant. We called that manual reset.

Failing the reminder, this does seem to be an attainable alternative solution. I do recall reading, and enjoying, your descriptions of different techniques your system has come up with to deal with unique situations - perhaps development of our own manual reset or autoreset is in order, if we can trade instantaneously then Shade wouldn't have to worry about being stuck in the front should something else require our immidiate attention. One time we were interrupted, practicing while Shade was stuck switched in, and it was very awkward hahaha. We'll have to let you know how it goes!


Thanks again, Cheers!

- SnS

Host to a sole Parasite, Shade. Research is in progress, will update when something worth showing has been written.

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One more thing to mention is that we noticed autonomic responses from Body OS where no one fronting or co-fronting could honestly claim the reaction as theirs. If you think of it similarly to sleepwalking or sleep-talking, the body can and will say automated responses even if no one is in front. This caused a lot of confusion as to who was fronting to many systems including us, but thinking of it in this way cleared it up for us right away. Not every thought or action is made by a sapient member of the system, but usually the host identifies with everything "not headmates". That's a mistake in our experience. It's very easy and natural to train the body to do anything including talking, but the bidy doesn't think for itself.


This was made perfectly clear to us when practicing dormancy, especially host dormancy (me). If I'm clearly not there, and something that feels or sounds or acts like me happenes, that's Body OS. We also experimented with keeping me dormant for a week and the fronter (Ashley) was pressured to feel gender dysphoria in a way. In that her orientation started to sync with the body's. It seems at least for this body, attration to women only is hard wired. Masculine traits and urges are also hard wired. 


They also reported "feeling me like a large warm animal" when I was out and the body is clearly that feeling, not "me".



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We have come to realize the same thing. There are countless times nowadays where neither Dawn or I can claim to be speaking, and same goes for the rest of us. Its actually quite creepy to realize most conversations are completely autonomous and most people will never realize.

Hi, I'm Michael, I'm a tulpamancer interested in diving as deep as I can into this realm of thoughtforms.

I'm Shade, Michael's first tulpa and girlfriend. I'm fairly reserved but love philosophy and psychonautics. 

I'm Dawn, I'm the most active tulpa in the system and also the most fun loving/party girl type. 

In our system there is also Ember and Spark, Cinderella, Astra, Scarlet, Jade, Rarity, AquaIgnis, Tony, Majima, and Sarah.

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3 hours ago, Bear said:

Not every thought or action is made by a sapient member of the system, but usually the host identifies with everything "not headmates". That's a mistake in our experience. It's very easy and natural to train the body to do anything including talking, but the body doesn't think for itself.


Strong agree. In fact, you might even have learned that from us, since it's something we've said so many times.


The number one roadblock in creating a tulpa and in learning switching is the host identifying with every possible process going on in their brain. You're really not. Even outside of tulpamancy context, you're really not. Your body and brain do so much without the "you" that's defined as the part of the brain capable of conscious thought and feeling and all. You can draw a lot of different lines (based on preference) for where "the body" ends and "you" starts, but people probably generally are not comfortable accepting how much of their overall ""them"" is fully automated or otherwise handled without conscious intervention. It's rather unrealistic to think of the body as "you" in most ways other than it being your property that you are attached to. 


You can still consider your entire body just simply "you", but when it comes to matters of identity in thought and feeling, the parts you're actively influencing and fully aware of are significantly less. And those parts can all be traded with a tulpa.



(Note that the conscious part of a person that I'm calling "you" is capable of consciously exerting control over MANY parts of the brain and body at will - when you focus on doing so. Manually overriding the otherwise autopiloted body is the whole job of the conscious part of human brains. But how much of that is really "you" when it keeps doing whatever it wants when you stop paying attention to it?)

Hi. I'm one of Luminesce's tulpas. Unlike the others, I don't think I stand out too much from him personality wise.

I'm just special because "I'm a tulpa". So I don't think I've much to offer, here. I'm happy enough to just be with him.

Ask us stuff - https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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Very nice. I consider that I'm just another headmate currently in posession and most strongly associated with the body. When I switched out and went dormant, it was remarkable to note what is "body" and what is "me". The me part is finite and lightweight. Just a set of facets, a personality and perspective, just a persona.


Even crazier, that persona is mouldable and conditioned, it can be repaired, reprogrammed and even replaced. In fact, it changes constantly throughout your life. 

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