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Pruria talks talking to tulpae: Deaf hosts


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This guide was bizarre when I first read it and it's bizarre now. You shift all the blame for poor communication onto hosts and at the same time hold that all tulpas are prone to 'trolling' their hosts - yeah, that must be it. Combined with the sentience from the start idea it makes for a really weird, and, I think, harmful mindset.


But you know, that's my opinion and as a guide writer you should have yours. More objectively, if you are going to write a lot of conjecture and opinion then at the very least put the usual disclaimer on. Your spelling/grammar is a bit iffy in places still, and your style is a bit, uh, informal. But fix those three things up and I'll give you an approval. In the meantime I disapprove for those reasons.

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"Incredibly hard mental gymnastics: "" not at all harder,"


I love the parts where you embolden negative frontloading and then contradict yourself. Yes, a good joke, but giving those kinds of mixed signals to people really confuses their supple and sensitive brains. You're guiding sheep. Don't bark at them like a wolf if you're trying to get them to follow and not scramble. Conflicting indeed.



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Disapproved for Guides, Blank vote for Tips or Resources.


This is essentially a guide covering someone's mindset and how various growing hurdles were rationalized, to paraphrase:


The host is always at fault for not listening/being 'deaf', but sometimes the tulpa is at fault for not speaking.

In some cases he says tulpas are assholes due to various inconsistencies in communication.



I'm not sure I truly agree with the mindset in full, however I also think it's unfalsifiable, some tulpas do have memories from the creation and they swear by those memories and I'm not going to call them false as there's really no way for me to know that.


Overall, I do think that as long as the whole "assholes" part is removed, it's not an entirely bad mindset, but it's also not perfectly accurate and may in some cases hurt someone if they take too long to progress.


The guide also has some untested advice (on auditory hallucinations).



To compare this mindset with my own, I do think it's both the tulpa and the host's job to learn how to better communicate with each other and how to better share one's imagination and thoughts. Blaming it all on one party is not ideal and instead both parties should do their best and certainly don't be "assholes" to each other. This is a learning experience for both the host and the tulpa.

Also, there are countless means of communication and I don't truly believe true silence is possible from either party - a host could implicitly get a feeling (read: qualia) that their tulpa is hearing them even without the tulpa saying it in words, and at the same time, a tulpa or a host could communicate their emotional state or moods without having to use words. Being completely silent seems almost impossible, unless one party is asleep or just not present.


The goal should be cooperation, not rationalizing each others failures.


Aside from that, this guide is a bit too informal and that may be another reason to disapprove of it.

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This is not shifting anywhere but being unsticked until the disposition that tulpas are assholes from the start is changed into something more neutral. Something like saying tulpas may want to be coherent for their hosts before communicating with them would've been a plausible self-fulfilling prophecy for people to go through. Having a blank vote for Tips & Tricks is like being in between with accepting and rejecting negative self-fullfilling prophecies like this may backfire on the host and their tulpas.


And if someone actually followed this guide submission to absolute law, and if their tulpas aren't capable to realize how their existence was conjured up to be deemed as assholes, then I really worry about that tulpa's existence. Hell, I'd worry if they're even wise enough to see that this would just make hosts feel better (and masking their incompetence that we all had at some point in our initial stages) because of how complex it may be for some. It's one thing for a person to capitalize on people's incompetence, but it's a completely different spectrum when they're doing it to someone that's within their own head.


If that negative self-fulfilling prophecy of tulpas being assholes is even shifted to Tips & Tricks, Resources, or Guides, then it's promoting cancerous logic that will invariably have newcomers questioning the point of having a tulpa in the first place. It will have people dealing with internal conflicts with themselves, and will most likely have others giving up because of how most newcomers seem to have difficulties transitioning from one mindset to the other. If this ends up being the only, or one of the few supplements for developing vocal tulpas, you are all tulpaing wrong.

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ooo, was directed here. I never thought of this - the tips, I mean, not the sentience part. If "creation" means from the moment you think of wanting a tulpa, or start planning them, I certainly don't agree with that part. If I hear any sounds, I'll try to pick out patterns for the future. Thanks.

My lip hurts.

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I wish I had never read this article. Every since I did, I can't get it out of my head that my tulpa might not want to talk to me and my paranoia is taking it to the illogical extreme until i can barely concentrate on trying to hear her at all. Just going to say, that's bad idea to put in the head of a budding tulpamancer and I'm pretty sure it's been a set back for m.

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I can't imagine why in the universe someone would say "Stop talking to me I want to go back to not existing", unless they were extremely depressed and needed comforting anyway. As with most invasive thoughts/possible "preferences" of your tulpa, they can put up with changes/acts they don't like until they're vocal at which point they can inform you they, say, actually wanted long blonde hair and not brown. But usually they're okay with everything you pick out for them because all they have to work with is your liking of how they are, you know?


Anyways, a tulpa who is barely vocal yet not wanting to talk is hardly a tulpa at all. As in even if they are they're not going to develop any.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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