Is it possible for a tulpa to achieve mindvoice without narration?

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I have what I think is a very rare narration problem: I don't normally have a single thread of thought; I've pretty much always thought with a few (usually two to three) of myself talking to each's other(s), rather than having a single mindvoice (voice as in speaker, rather than tone of speech), and I'm having great trouble attempting to narrate because I can't seem to get my own voice(s) out of my head; when I puppet, I can't seem to keep the voices confined to their corresponding personalities; often I'll start her response in my voice and shift/correct it halfway through, and often the reverse.


I also have the issue that I can quietly "hear" thoughts coming from "the void", and I can hear in my own voice regardless of who's supposed to be speaking, which makes things even worse.


However, I would still like to have (in the same way that one "has" a sister) a tulpa distinguishable from myself to join my thoughts, which brings us to the subject.


EDIT: fixing the base problem would be preferable, though I'd rather not risk screwing up my entire style of thought

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Well I'm certain they'd pick up talking eventually, even without the host's help. I'm not sure, though.


I'm not going to listen to you guys since you are all probably just talking to yourself and don't really have a tulpa like me.



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I think in your case you shouldn't try to actively parrot your tulpa. It isn't necessary, you can narrate to your tulpa just by talking to it, you just should have in mind that you're talking to your tulpa.


The deal with the answers is a bit more complicated, though. Your tulpa will be able to answer you, but you will have a harder time identifying it. Don't try to make up answers and keep your focus on your tulpa instead of her words. You should receive answers without you actively thinking them up, but they may feel like they're coming from you in the early development. (Like knowing a splitsecond beforhand what your tulpa is going to say.) This voice will get more distinct over time. I can't help you with seperating these responses from the other voices in your head, though. Try to not expect any answers, distract yourself while you're waiting, maybe.

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Fade: Admittedly, I don't have any experience with your specific problem. But, I do have an idea that might help.

If you're having trouble with it, I don't know if you have to develop a mindvoice at all. Or, at least not right away. We have a guy in here who just doesn't use a mindvoice! He doesn't talk or anything. Instead, he relies on what I think is called "tulpish" around here. Mind pictures and body language, mostly. It gets the gist of what he wants across.


Your tulpa has alternate ways of communicating if she isn't yet able to vocalize. See if she can use that during the time in which she's voiceless. Just keep on doing what you are doing; making a headmate doesn't have to be an instant process! If because of your methods of thinking it takes months or more for her to become vocal, that's fine.

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I think I know what you're talking about with the "other mindvoices" thing. Sometimes I randomly have thoughts in the format of a person commenting on something I did/around me, and sometimes it's my own self. Never been invasive though and is easy to differentiate from my tulpas. If I have the right idea, basically you're having trouble pinning down a single mindvoice for your tulpa, as they're all sort of a jumble?


Well, this might not be exactly the advice you need since your problem is a little complicated, but it sounds like you're trying to go too fast. Tulpas don't start their vocality passively commenting on your life without your direct intent. You're probably expecting too much from them far too early, as they don't have a mindvoice established enough to simply occur on its own without a lot of focus. I recommend you stick to very intent, one-on-one no-distractions conversations with your tulpa. Don't try and force them to say anything, but don't let a bunch of random voices happen either.


I didn't actually do any "narration" with my tulpas, having had them well before finding out about tulpas, I just talked to them. Always expected and attempted to get a reaction. Sometimes they responded, sometimes they didn't, sometimes I couldn't tell if it was me or them. But I knew they were there, so I just kept talking to them as if they were and trying to hear or feel responses. A lot of the time I got vague feelings that were informative enough, ie I could tell if they would agree or disagree with something even without hearing them speak, sometimes without even feeling them either. Sometimes you just have to use your best judgement on how your tulpa would react and act like they did so. The goal is to train your brain to get used to sending you thoughts and feelings from what you know as your tulpa. So any way that you can create those neural pathways, even if it's imagining what responses would be like while actually hearing nothing, will eventually get you somewhere.


Basically, don't attempt to hear your tulpa casually commenting on things, even with moderate focus. It doesn't probably appear as such when you read about peoples' experiences here, but that's rather far along in vocality development. Initially you have to work a lot very intently listening for responses in a distraction-free environment, including mental ones. The act of "listening" mentally is effectively the act of "expecting", which means you're subconsciously thinking of what your tulpa would/could say. That's how vocality starts as far as I can tell, expectations. Worrying about "if it was them" or not isn't really a factor, it shouldn't change what you're doing - talking to them as if they can hear you, and listening for their responses as if they can talk. Eventually your tulpa should develop a mindvoice unique to them, meaning you'll be able to differentiate what they say from random thoughts or your own based on how they feel/sound.


It sounds like you're the type to have random disorganized thoughts in the form of words, unfortunately. So even when your tulpa is relatively vocal you may have issues with whether what is said is actually your tulpa or not, even without any doubt or parrotting issues. For that, all I can tell you is the universal rule of developing vocality: Does it seem like something your tulpa would have said? Is it something that they would be upset you believed was them if it wasn't? If there's no downside to believing it was them, you might as well. If there is, it may be safer to disregard it, or at least not assume that it was them.


Dunno. Put some time into very focused vocality training, and don't worry about/expect responses outside of those sessions for a while. You'll get too stressed trying to decide whether every random thought that enters your head was your tulpa or not, and at this stage it probably won't have been. Take it slowly and you shouldn't have too much trouble telling what's meant to be them or not, and when you do, ask yourself if would be bad to assume it was.

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To be fair, what you did is similar to what I did in the beginning, constantly having several different voices just bouncing around in my head. Eventually, it became way too chaotic and I thought it was counter productive so I just hushed them all and kept it to my own mental voice until eventually my tulpa started talking back eventually. However, I did also run "prototypes", like having a second voice talk in the voice I wanted my tulpa to have so that I could get accustomed to the sound that they would eventually take up.

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Preface: please pardon my slow response times and humorless diction; I'm rather tired, but don't want to appear as though I've ghosted

Well I'm certain they'd pick up talking eventually' date=' even without the host's help. I'm not sure, though.[/quote']


I'm certain


I'm not sure' date=' though.[/quote']

:huh: (Pardon the bluntness of such a short response, but it expresses my reaction pretty well)




I don't have any content-specific commentary, but your/y'all's advice seem solid; will cease parroting and start watching more closely for other styles of response.


Also considering going the literary route (writing them as a character)


If I have the right idea' date=' basically you're having trouble pinning down a single mindvoice for your tulpa, as they're all sort of a jumble?[/quote']

Not quite, though judging from

and sometimes it's my own self

I could imagine that you've had the same problem. Basically, when puppeting, I'm so used to talking to myself that I have trouble keeping myself/selves out of any "alien" voice I'm trying to cultivate.

You're probably expecting too much from them far too early

I had been parroting deliberately as a method of achieving mindvoice


That said though, the rest of it was quite helpful


so I just hushed them all and kept it to my own mental voice

I'm afraid you may have misinterpreted my problem; I have more than one voice (not as in the way that my voice sounds when I speak) that I would consider myself.


While the prototyping concept is interesting from the perspective of understanding the nature of forcing, what I attempted earlier was to some degree an attempt at doing so, and with it in mind, I'm not confident that I'll be capable of prototyping successfully

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Also considering going the literary route (writing them as a character)




Figured I'd throw in my two cents here. Me and my headmates are all literary, so I can definitely say that it's a good way to build up voice and personality if you've got the knack for it. From what I've seen, it's not necessarily a "tulpa" way to do it, but it leads to awesome headmates in the end, so that's pretty much just a technicality.


Though... if you're worried about parroting and puppeting, literary probably ain't the way to go. That's pretty much what writing out your potential headmate is: you're parroting and puppeting them with a particular personality and voice, and sooner or later we just sort of conform to it. It makes us literary types a little more stuck in our forms and personalities than most tulpae, because we come to define ourselves by what you've written out. Not saying that's a bad thing; just be aware of how choosing to go that route affects your headmate.


But yeah. The literary method is really good for getting a solid voice going.

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Guest Anonymous

Well, Esterina started existing without me noticing it, and when I finally did notice her, she was already the talkative giggle monster she is now.

But then again, one has to take that with a grain of salt since she's a copy of a fictional character of mine that, naturally, knows how to talk, and the real one has all the fictional one's personality, knowledge and memories.

So, yeah. Grain o' salt.





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Thank you both for the input; I think I'll start down this path as soon as I've finalized a personality for my prospective tulpa (procrastinated a bit on the response because I didn't have much to specifically address, other than that I was puppeting deliberately earlier; had somehow gotten into Fede's technique despite having started with the more popular narrative technique.)

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