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Tips for those who are getting "parrotnoid".


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Thanks OP, this thread was very encouraging and helped me quite a bit with my tulpa forcing endevor! However, the pic in the OP post keeps making me feel uneasy because it reminds me of this.

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With Kai, I had those issues, but I realized pretty much everything you said myself, minus that it's almost impossible to parrot accidentally. I simply apologized in advance for parroting (if I did it) and assumed everything was him. He told me his name was Kai on the first day. I asked him a few days later to confirm, and it was the same. That time, I apologized for doubting. We're pretty close already, I like to think.

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I just like to use the guideline "She knew I was going to say it, so she mentioned it before me."


Though, Leo's "credit her instead of doubting her" is good, too.

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Thanks for making this helpful guide! I've been doing a lot of giving the credit to my tulpa, Eva. Going to bookmark this and incorporate it to my daily practice. :)

That's so great to hear! I just didn't want to see anyone go through the same problem I did. All that doubt does people more harm than good, so it's nice to know I helped at least one person with this problem :D

Tulpa: Liviana (Colgate)

Form: Pony (My avatar)

Progress: Imposed

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Hi! Thanks sooooo much for these tips. They allowed me to accept the voice (Zach) Now I can tell the difference between mine and him a little more :)

Name: Zach

Appearance: Messy black hair, light grey eyes. A little bit pale.

Looks: 14

Favorite color: Dark blue

He usually wears a grey hoody, jeans and black converse. He listens to music a lot, so his blue headphones are around his neck most of the time.


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Thread necromancy for the wolf.

One thing I find that helps parrotnoia is not accepting any signs of progress for weeks until eventually you have no choice to but 'know' its your tulpa.


If that makes sense. I just woke up.

fourfiction, the idiot.

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If anyone thinks they're parroting, you're just assisting your tulpa a little. Think of it as teaching a young child to walk, at first they need your guidance, but eventually they'll be able to do it on their own!

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Does this apply to visualization as well? Whenever I visualize my tulpa interacting with my wonderland, her movements seem to come naturally. It feels like I anticipate the movements a split-second before they happen, but that's too fast for it to be puppeting, right?

Tulpa name: Canaan.

Form: Silver haired,, golden-eyed female.

http://imgur.com/RD49Q http://imgur.com/NRNi4

Sentience: Yes

Working on: Narration and visualization.

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