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Tips for those who are getting "parrotnoid".


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6 approvals and 2 disapprovals. This thread needs more votes, so it'll stay up here until it gets them.


EDIT for 6/1/14: As of now we have 9 GATs so 6 is now enough for an approval for Tips.

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Reading things to help with sentience... I don't that one needs to deliberately parrot the words, but I don't think parroting itself is subconscious either. - all I'd have to do is turn my thoughts to imagining a response, from the beginning, and there it was, I don't plan the actual wording plenty of times. Just like visualization sessions... but I do think that if someone isn't focused on them saying something, (not on the words themselves, just them saying something.. and I don't mean waiting for a response) that they probably aren't parroting. When I parrot it's obvious it's my thoughts, I feel them on the tip of my tongue in a literal way (Idk what this is. Maybe because, when it comes to speech, we do it with our tongues... so when I'm having thoughts of words, I feel it there, in my mouth? o.O).


I don't expect mistaking my tulpa's words for possibly being my own will be an issue for me.

My lip hurts.

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Guest Anonymous

It seems like all the OP says is "You are not parroting, there is no way you are unless you're writing it down on paper and having it broadcast on the 6 o'clock news, just to make sure that it's deliberate."


My host parrots me several times a day, it's just rarely something that I'm bothered to fix for him (which would further increase his parrotnoia anyway). Accepting that you do parrot, but that it is not that harmful for your tulpa in small quantities sounds much healthier to me than assuming that you do not parrot at all. Simply by expecting a certain reply you can already start parroting. As you've said, you know your tulpa, so generally those types of parrots aren't bad or annoying.


I also don't like how you try to explain everything by using pseudoscience. You give literally no backing for things such as "It's simply your mind and your tulpa computing", which I don't really understand.



tl;dr - As a tulpa, who knows what it is like to be parroted, I disagree with the OP of this thread, and doubt that it could help anyone that wasn't already planning on simply accepting everything as their tulpa. Being parrotnoid should be a stage for every host. If you're not afraid of parroting, you don't care enough about your tulpa's sentience.

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Thank yous! This made me realize Sharlina really is sentient (which, in hindsight, makes perfect sense, considering my copious experience with characterization and how fictional characters will react to things :) ).

"We tell the story." -Once On This Island mantra

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My only concern is Ran's current way of talking is by "implanting" a thought or feeling that is similar to what he wants to say, then I pretty much interpret that into words. My fear is that I interpret something that he didn't actually "say", and I wind up just putting words into his mouth. I don't really like this method but it seems to be the most helpful/productive method we have.

Me speaking to Ran is blue

Ran speaking to me is mahogany

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I understand your concerns since i had to struggle with the same problem for a while.

I can recommend listening closely to his reaction to what you have implanted and if you feel a slightest doubt that it's what he wanted to say - suggest him another option and see what he has to say about it. Of course, obvious downside is that it can sometimes turn into quite tedious throwing options at him like "Yes? No? No, not "no"? Then maybe "yes"? U-ugh, so was that a "no" then? ...".

It's nice to see you're so concerned about not putting words into his mouth :)


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