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How to talk to your tulpa in less time



Vocality is something many tulpamancers that are starting to create their tulpa claim to have a struggle or five on. They get agitated with waiting possibly months or longer for their tulpa to speak to them, so i came up with this. To begin please Read Puria's guide (G+2s acc) on talking to deafs who are the hosts because the idea is very necessary for the guide. Vocalization is easier to obtain as I personally believe as you enter a certain state of mind (to hear your tulpa). I say this from my own experience, including both Hans becoming vocal within a very very short period of time. I have also tested this technique on others, one got his tulpa starting in 4 days, one heard whispers in one, one I misread and wanted to take more time with developing them before they made their tulpa vocal, so the technique works with results already.

Also there is a pastebin for those who find it more convenient for any reason here.


Some hosts can hear their tulpa faster because they are in the right state of mind and some will take months because they are in the wrong state of mind. If your tulpa got vocal early and you think its silly that people are having problems with vocality, please be considerate and remember not everyone's tulpa is vocal as early as yours was.


*One visual that is similar to the techniques concepts and ideals is a tulpa radio that you must tune into the correct frequency. You must be on the correct wavelength to hear your tulpa or at least that will be assumed to be true for this guide.


The tulpa guide for a speedier vocality


Sentience is required


Step 1: The state of mind

A common misconception is to clear your mind to make your focus on your tulpa more clear. This guide does the opposite, fill your mind with thoughts. Get your thoughts going, think about your tulpa, think about how they move and how they would talk and how their voice is and how it sounds. Think about random things jump around. Confuse yourself scatter your thoughts and logic. Just think of things to think of yourself thinking about yourself thinking or however you want. Think of your tulpa and their face their form and the mouth. Focus on something preferably your tulpa. Just scatter thoughts in your mind is your goal. Get into a state where you know you're thinking but if possible you don't know what you're thinking about for most of the thoughts since they are random wandering or scattered. Most of us have experienced this already but haven't given any thought to it probably or hopefully at least. In the state where your mind is wandering with random thoughts, which is relatively easy to achieve if you try to get into it, you can try to hear your tulpa.


After you get thoughts going push them towards the front of your mind. You should feel a pressure like a headache with no pain or nausea feelings almost like a super weak constriction. It likely wont do any harm to the body since its not even on the magnitude of a full really legit headache. If you want try to recreate the pressure directly by pushing the thoughts by themselves without thinking because that is good practice of entering the state. The state involves the thoughts floating around wandering and the pressure is the indicator that you have entered the correct state of mind. It can be reached without pressure meaning if you think you are fine to  go to step 2 do it. For most new people however they will likely feel the pressure if they do it correctly. People who have done other things similar to tulpa like imaginary friends or different forms of focusing meditation type activities may not feel the pressure because they are more accustomed to the feeling. Headaches are also reported to happen in this stage so if you find yourself with a headache take a break and try again later when its past and its no problem.


Step 2:Listen

Your tulpa hearing level should have already increased. You should first remember their mindvoice should sound like your thoughts and how they feel more than a real persons voice until they are imposed. Think of "trees" to yourself, listen to how you said it and remember that is the same means your tulpa your tulpa can use to communicate, its not the only way to communicate naturally, but its a good way to view it, more so for beginning mancers here. They can use your thoughts to talk to you if they wish and it is a rather decent way to communicate. Have them focus the random thoughts and sounds you hear into their words. This is indirect vocality which can turned into true vocality with practice. If you wish for direct vocality have them repeat a phrase or say aaaaaaaa. Listen for their faint voice and focus on it to clear it. Make that stronger and focus on it until you can hear their voice clearly. This make take several days as the people that i tried this on took at least a while to get a whisper. You can also converse with your tulpa while doing this or narrate reading a book and wait for a response if you can hold step 1 actively because thats needed for this method to speed it up.


Step 3: After he/she is talking

After you hear his/her first few talks and phrases keep practicing until you can hear her every time you think about her and hear the voice well and clearly in your head. The time it takes to get voice down well probably takes about the same time as normally but it will probably be sped up. After you do this for a while it should become natural to talk to your tulpa as you should expect. Just as natural as talking to a person after you wane yourself off the method. After shes vocal with the method stop using the method and let her speak by herself as you would expect with the normal method of vocality. You wont have to go through the process every time i assume. Once you learn the feeling of your tulpa talking to you it should be much easier to hear her talk. You can enter the state of mind directly and sooner or later you will find the method of thinking about her is not needed to hear her once you grow used to her talking. That is it after she is talking. Best of luck getting vocal and tuff tulpas


Guide is still in its first few stages and feedback on what you discover to be useful or not useful would naturally be appreciated for the guide


Edit: Fixed formatting/wall of text issue ~Chupi

Hanyuu <3

I am sometimes in the /mlp/ boards and #tulpa-forum if you wish to find me






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Will certainly approve for guides once the grammar has been fixed.


And some other things that Sands mentioned should probably be changed too...

"Assert the supremacy of your Imaginal acts over facts and put all things in subjection to them... Nothing can take it from but your failure to persist in imagining the ideal realized."


-Neville Goddard

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If OP ever responds in that other guide submission he's made, I will happily contribute in providing another option to reformat, spell check, and fix grammar as well in the future. But until then, disapproved. The concepts are there for sure (at least for me), but it does take some filtering out to get the train of thought from OP.

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Blank Vote, leaning toward approved for Guides if editing is done, although could also go in Tips as some parts may be a bit personalized.


The guide needs some more editing to fix various typos and grammar issues.


>Sentience is required


That's great, but it would be nicer to ask people some questions so that they can check for it, mostly in lines of how they perceive their tulpa and their actions/thoughts.


>Step 1: The state of mind


This seems to be getting you in a slightly more disorganized state of mind and getting you to be mindful, or at least a bit distracted and daydreaming a bit. There's also some bits of symbolism there about thought positions that may not work the same for everyone.


>Step 2:Listen


This seems to be getting you to be mindful not just of the thoughts in your mind, but of the actual qualities the thoughts have (for example, how do your own thoughts sound like to you), it makes you pay more attention inward, especially to qualities important to recognizing a tulpa's speech.


This step also seems to imply that a tulpa could direct your attention to certain thoughts which could help with communication. It also tells one to use something similar to that one "THE VOICE" tutorial by devano, where one gets their tulpa to repeat some phrases until they're good at speaking.


>Step 3: After he/she is talking


This is mostly about you learning to consistently perceive the tulpa and the tulpa learning to communicate more consistently, that is, just more practice and focus.


This particular bit of the guide is quite true as well "Once you learn the feeling of your tulpa talking to you it should be much easier to hear her talk. . You can enter the state of mind directly" and the aim of the guide is just getting the reader to have the right experiences to the point where the tulpa has an easy time to communicate.



Overall the guide seems to be slightly overcomplicating the matter of hearing one's tulpa's voice, but I could see it helping some people, especially people who haven't learned to be mindful of their own thoughts and mental state, those that don't know how their tulpa feels like to them (essence/presence), or those that still don't treat their tulpa's thoughts as external from themselves (not self-caused, but caused by the tulpa who has control/agency over their actions) - that is, something to be perceived, not generated by themselves - however, if they don't treat the tulpa like that, can the tulpa said to be said to be Sentient? (at least as far as they're perceiving the tulpa's actions, not the actual nature of the tulpa from the tulpa's own perspective - which could very well be sentient, but if the host isn't perceiving anything, that'd be unfalsifiable).


As a personal side-note, a long time ago I found that paying attention to my own thoughts many times have helped my tulpa better focus on theirs and reply more clearly - that is, if you're worried about predicting your tulpa's replies or parroting them or whatever, all it takes is to keep some sort of passive focus on the tulpa while you're thinking/being distracted by something else, and they'll respond pretty freely, eventually they're proficient enough at talking that it just happens.


Also, it seems to me that this guide is mostly meant to be something you follow with the help of someone (like you can see in testing's logs he linked and posted in his pastebin) - that is, you have someone to make sure you're perceiving/paying attention to the right qualities about your tulpa ('s actions and thoughts) and their speech, while they guide you towards the right experiences you're supposed to be having. No guide can truly be fool-proof, but sometimes it's easier for one person that has the right subjective experiences to guide another person into having similar experiences, usually with "live" feedback (such as on IRC).

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