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Echo Parroting - Teaching Your Tulpa How To Use Their Own Mindvoice


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That seems to be about it. I wouldn't recommend this method for people who have an entirely non-vocal tulpa, it might be counter-productive in that case. However, if you already can make out the difference between your emotions/thoughts and your tulpa's emotions/thoughts, then by all means.

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Blank vote, Tips and Tricks.


My own experiences with a very similar method were rather negative.


Definitely not something I would recommend to someone, unless their tulpa already had some shred of independence and could communicate in some other way (such as emotions or raw thought).


Overall, I would say parroting to show your tulpa how to do something is fine, but I'm not sure if there's any point in 'automating' it - rather than that, you can just show the tulpa how to do something (or how to say something or how they should sound) then ask the tulpa to do it themselves, eventually they'll get used to doing or moving some way and that will be it - of course, in that case, the tulpa has to approve of the way you're showing them to act and in some cases they may disapprove - in which case you may know (pay attention to them!).


Maybe without independence this guide will work in a similar way that Fede's guide works, however since I lack enough (positive) experience about this method, I'll be withholding my vote.

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I believe Zero mentioned this (to some extent with the kick-start and echo chambering in his compendium of tips & tricks handbook). So depending on how he edits that guide submission, I can't be too sure if it would be pragmatic to give a vote here for now, so blank vote on my end.



For those who can't find his submission:



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Yeah I feel like you already said the same thing in that other thing you wrote so this one is... Kinda useless. This and the other one also both have "mindvoice" in their title, so it's not like this one would be that much easier to find for those who are looking for mindvoice tips.


Zero, if you think that the other guide/tip thingy lacks something this one has, I suggest you add it in the other one. I guess that means this is a disapproval, but just because you already wrote the same stuff elsewhere.

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Many mancers seem to think that parroting is bad, and has negative effects on their tulpa, while actually it can be a great forcing tool.


That is something I can't stress enough to people.


Too short to be a guide though.


Approved for tips and tricks.

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-Neville Goddard

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