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Schlondark on Narration


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Sands makes a good point. I've never seen anyone call it anti-parroting propaganda before but I agree with his point.


I'd like to hear from Schlondark on this.

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Well, we're not asking for you to vote, we're asking which one you think it would fit better. I see you did make an edit about the parroting thing, so good job.


Two seem to be preferring tips and tricks, one is for guide over the rest and two people are unsure and could go either way. And CyberD is prbably also unsure, so 3. It's already basically approved, we just have to find it a category. And it can only really be one or the other.

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If you're having trouble deciding I'd go tips and tricks. Each point, especially in the last section, can be used independently, thus tips/tricks instead of a step by step guide.

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That's optional, but doing that will probably help you direct thoughts to the tulpa, so go for it.

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This is just what I needed. My tulpa and I will now narrate much easier, I'm gonna keep this post short so we can go read one of y favorite books. :)

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So, this is just the viewpoint of a new guy barely even started, but let see if I am clear on this.


Parroting is a useful and healthy tool to use in the begining of trying to form sentience. (feel free to jump in anywhere and correct me if I have got it wrong) It helps to set a pattern for thought and action that the tulpa can then ride off into its own direction. But that after those patterns and abilities are there and the machine gets rollin', parroting then becomes essentially useless?


I almost imagine parroting is like trying to jump start an engine? It might take time to juice up the battery, but after you do you should move to adressing the rest in a different manner.


Is parroting useful at any stage other than the start? And then is it inadvisable to try and NOT use parroting at all, not exactly out of fear but rather just choice of method? Does it stifle progress to NOT parrot?

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