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Sentience confirming/anti puppeting guide



You need to let go of your fears of parroting/puppeting at least for this. Let them do whatever they want and tell them "Surprise me!".


It might seem too easy to be true, but this guide actually works, because the tulpa will surprise their host and thus prove their sentience to them.


I hope this method helps many people to let go of their worries about puppeting/parroting.

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I'm far from needing to confirm sentience, but when I said "surprise me" to Indigo, he proceeded to do the typical "turn into a monster" routine, but then he just fell flat on the floor in his human form for several moments, just lying there. Oh well

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Well.. When I asked C, he turned into a T-rex and said "hi." while stomping up to me (and he also practically tackle hugged me just now, i appreciate the bonus).

And Terra just thought of something for a few seconds before hugging me from behind gently. Didn't know what I expected but it was nice ^^

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I tried this while I have been recovering from an injury and surgery (eight weeks post-op) and have been having difficulty establishing a good (noise free)connection with my tulpa.

I said; "Flora. Surprise me."

At first my brain wanted to interfere, but I ignored the noise and it settled down. Flora came into view (pale and somewhat indistinct) saying "Yes darling" then there was silence, she backed away, and began to dance.

She has never done this before, though I have invited her too many times. At one point she went 'enpointe' and twirled.

I was surprised.


Thank you for this simple and for me, nice, suggestion. Dr. Bob

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Me: "Chess, surprise me."
Chess: "No."

Me: "Okay..."


EDIT: I have to say, she has done the surprise before back in the day, and this tip has always been super helpful.

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Kudos to Purlox for making the longest running guide thread with comments saying the guide helped.

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I like to play would you rathers or ask questions abt random things with leo, for example ill ask him what the most exotic animal he can think of is, then ill clear my mind and try to think abt anything but animals, then all of a sudden a image of a narwhal passed through my mind



On 7/16/2018 at 4:13 PM, iDraekios said:

I asked this to my system, and the responses were... varied.


Irix, our resident tough guy and the self-proclaimed "Protector" of our system, responded by giving me a rather gentle and actually quite soothing back massage. Mind you this man is easily over six feet tall, refuses to wear a shirt regardless of the weather and he's hot enough (figuratively AND literally) to turn an indoor pool into a sauna.


I'm not exactly at liberty to discuss what Lily responded with in a public setting, but considering she's the shy one out of the trio it was certainly surprising... to say the very least.


Kiara did a vanishing act, and as I started typing this post she popped up out of nowhere to bop Irix on the head. That's surprising because usually it comes with absurd sound effects and name-calling toward our tall half-dragon instead of her just making train noises for a full thirty seconds after.


I'm actually still trying to actively process the myriad of sights I've born witness to over the last two minutes or so.

Oh my god thats hilarious xD

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