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Tulpa Phenomenon Overview Guide v1


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Approved, Resources.


While it has enough parts/content to be a guide, it's not structured sufficiently like a guide, thus it can't be approved for that.


Mostly agreeable, although it has some parts which are either questionable or ambiguous:


> tulpa is a part of you

> Being a part of your mind

> A tulpa exists in your mind,

> A tulpa is essentially a mind that (usually) identifies with a form


The terms 'you', 'self' and 'mind' are used quite ambiguously through-out the overview, when one should be a bit more careful with their use, especially since different definitions can mean very different things depending on what the definitions of 'you' and a 'tulpa' are, along with what they can do.


> It is also possible to learn how to “switch places” with a tulpa, making them become the host and you the tulpa until you switch again.


Some people object to the idea that the tulpa becomes a 'host' as the host is usually defined as the original consciousness in the body, that is "the first person there", thus even if a tulpa and a host can exist as equals after sufficient development, the term 'host' usually refers to one particular person which was there first. That said, this term aside, the rest of the paragraph is clear enough.


There's also some strong assumptions here and there, but overall the overview is agreeable.

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2 Disapprove (Linkzelda and Sands)

1 Blank vote (Mayormorgan)

2 for Resources (schlondark and NotAnonymous)

1 for Guides (waffles)


6/8, two members haven't responded before the deadline, and there doesn't seem to be any leaning on a specific section, so this will get unstickied.

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The actual guide part of this was pretty nice, so I'm going to approve this one for Guides. There are some minor gripes that I have with things like the plurals and all of the versions, but that doesn't really affect my view of it all that much.

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[Tri] Was informed that this submission was in limbo, so we are here to give our opinion.


This submission (from the first to the latest version) are quite dated in their information and ideas, which is understandable given that they were written in 2012 and 2013. Like reading any older resource here, one has to understand that there is knew ideas, information, opinions, etc. Old resources are still useful, both for history and because it is useful to understand where the current ideas came from. And sometimes, old ideas fall out of favor for reasons that don't reflect their quality, but often they do.


We think that despite its age, its use of the pronoun "it" for tulpas, and some of the things pointed out by others here; this is a useful resource to read and one can learn from it. It is also a nice bridge from the old ideas to less old ideas. There are other resources that bridge the less old to the current. And eventually, there will be ones bridging the current to the future ones.


Now, for the unorthodox part.


We approve version 1.5 (by both Amadeus and Purlox with some edits from Teryakywind) for Guides. While historic, it still is good from a guide sense. Since no one should read only a single guide, its datedness is mitigated in part by the presence of newer guides. One good thing it does is encourage finding other guides and reading them.


But, we approve version 1.1 (by Amadeus with some edits from Teryakywind) for Resources since it talks more about the various ideas that were out there (and to some degree still are), ideas on what tulpas are and are not, and some historical connection. Its writing and formatting is less refined than later versions and has some less polished ideas, but has good parts on some tulpamancy myths that were prevalent then and still exist that were removed in later versions.

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I went through version 1.5 and the original 1.0 for reference; and ignored the versions between these two.


First things first: The newest version is a really great read. It is a really nice and short overview about the whole topic, pointing out a lot of the important things you should consider when you get in touch with the subject of tulpamancy. While it can't offer any in depth information on the process of creation or the handling of tulpas after you're "done" with them, it still is a really great start point which won't drown you in information. So for that matter I will approve the version 1.5 for the guide section.


The older version has some additional information which may be interesting to some degree as well, especially for historical purposes, but I don't think it is necessary to include them in the current version.


Well now to the ugly part: The whole version thing is just highly irritating and you shouldn't need to search for the newest version in the thread, like Sands already pointed out in the past. At least make sure that the newest version is linked in the opening post of this thread, if you don't want write down its content in the thread itself.


I can only approve if this happens.

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They work for me, are they still broken for you Yuka?

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It says "Unavailable" under the links and when I click on them I get an error page. Odd that it still works for you guys. Someone on Plural Librarium pointed out this thread and another as having broken links, so I checked and they were broken for me too.





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