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Topics to Talk About with Your Tulpa

Piano Soul


During narration, it's easy to reach a mental block and become unable to think of what to talk about to your tulpa. This list provides you with many different options for topics to use during narration, conversation, and vocality practice.


For narrating, talk to your tulpa about anything that interests you. Don't worry about repeating yourself or telling your tulpa something they already know: the content is secondary to the actual act of talking to them consistently. Use this list for inspiration, talk to them as much as you can, and don't stress over whether or not it's the "right" way to narrate. Do what works for you as best as you can and you're good.


If there's anything this list is missing, feel free to suggest it.


The list:


All about you

All about your tulpa











Countries/the world


Current mood/thoughts




















Idols/role models


Immediate surroundings


Internet/social media

Issues important to you

Life itself












Personal belongings


Places you like/want to visit

Plans for the day/week






Senses you're currently experiencing

Something you're looking forward to

Space/the universe





The day/week/year so far

Toys/stuffed animals



...and anything else you can think of!


Sources: 1 2 3 4 5


Submitted for Tips & Tricks

Edited by Piano Soul

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Not a GAT member, but I think this is a practical list. The topics are general enough to allow for natural conversation, but specific enough that I can easily think of what I'd talk about. And there's a lot of them, as well as more in the sources!


I tried thinking of topics off the top of my head, and everything I came up with was already on here, which is a good sign. The spelling and grammar is solid, no errors to my eye.


Good work! -J

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Gavin here, now a GAT member. As Jamie said, the topics are a good balance of being general enough that most people have experiences

with them, but not too broad. A handy list. One minor phrasing that I found clunky: "This list is to help provide you with many different options" can be condensed to "This list provides you with many different options." 


Approved for [correction Jul 13th] Tips & Tricks.

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It's a straight forward list I wish we had. I like that the topics you picked are easy to talk about but also invoke enough thought to last for a little while. I think the little blurb at the beginning about narration is a nice friendly explanation for how hosts can use this resource.


This isn't a Tips and Tricks submission because you're giving the reader a tool they can use with some advice instead of a technique, skill, or different mindset they can try out. As it stands, approved for Resources.


Edit: Since the Resources board no longer exists, I approve this for Tips and Tricks.

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Right, my first thought on submissions that are just a quick whatever/not actual guide is Tips & Tricks, but this is the definition of a Resource huh? I always forget about that board..

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This is a pretty comprehensive list of subjects to talk about.



the content is secondary to the actual act of talking to them consistently



Very true.


There's not really much else to say apart from that. Approved for Tips and Tricks.

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Good list of topics for conversation, and I like the intro which covers common concerns about narration. I see a lot of people who just don't know what to talk about to their tulpa, so it's good to have a resource like this available. Approved for Tips & Tricks.

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Overall, the guide is good. The spelling and grammar are perfect, there’s a clear definition of the issue and a clear solution offered. It’s a good guide, simple, and to the point. However, I feel the guide could use some improvements:


The list of topics are alphabetized, and while it’s neat, it’s not the easiest to parse. It’s easy to search if you know the first letter, but I feel the guide would benefit from breaking down the topics into categories. This would help the reader come up with a topic from the list easier and would be especially helpful to those like myself with ADHD who benefit greatly from structure.


Additionally, you could bullet each topic, but that’s really just a nitpick.


Approved for Tips & Tricks.

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There is already another very similar tip/trick, 42/5 things to do with your tulpa, but this tip/tick distinguishes itself by being only about narration topics rather than general activities, so it has its own niche.


I don't have any problems with the guide. It knows what it's doing, and it does it well. Approved for tips and tricks.

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